Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Whittier, AK

The last day on the ferry, and the one that I wasn’t really looking forward to. Yesterday afternoon we were passing Glacier Bay. I had never seen it before so I found a great seat on the Sun Deck. And the weather was nice and sunny. After passing it, I went in to get ready for 20+ hours of pitching and rocking as we were leaving the shelter of the coastal islands. It wasn’t that bad but I definitely felt better while lying down. 

By 1pm, we were near Valdez and the water was very calm again. I had lunch in the Cafe (general tso chicken) and when passengers were allowed on the car deck at 2:30, I went ahead and took all of my bags to the car. It looks like we will arrive in Whittier a couple of hours early. This will be great as I am planning to stay with my nephew and his family in Anchorage. It’ll be nice to arrive at a decent time. 

That’s Whittier. Kind of a wet evening…

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