Monday, November 30, 2020

Day 72, 73 - Whitney, TX - TT

Sunday (72) - It looks like I need to remember to disconnect the water line tonight so it doesn’t freeze overnight. I filled the water tank to 54% according to the SeeLevel II sensor. I’m guessing that it’s about 75% full based on the shape of the tank. 

I finally got this microprocessor mounted. Since it’s near the door, I added a display with the outside temperature and inside humidity. The square of aluminum foil taped to the side of the box is my initial test of a capacitive touch sensor. Another square is taped inside the box and is wired to one of the touch enabled inputs. Surprisingly, it works. Tap to turn on or off. 

You may notice that it isn’t very warm today. 

Monday (73)
 - It hit 32°F last night so I’m glad I disconnected our water hose and pressure regulator. I’ve broken a couple of regulators due to freezing. I like the color on this tree. All of the rest of the leaves had already fallen off leaving this one branch. 

The next RV park allows us to receive packages so I’ve ordered some repair items. Replacement material for all four of the slide toppers, an air conditioner control board for the rear A/C unit and a replacement thermostat. I also modified the OLED display a bit. I removed the time and added the room temperature and humidity (both in yellow) as it is useful. The dehumidifier we had delivered in WA is working well. 


  1. So you're planning on replacing the slide topper screens yourself?

    1. Actually, we know someone who just finished his certification as an RV tech and I plan on having him do the installation with me helping. Especially since I don't have things like ladders. He will also be working on the rear A/C so that we can have heat in the RV. I'm thinking that it would also be a good time for a tune-up on both propane furnaces.