Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Day 45, 46, 47 - Apache Junction, AZ - TT

Monday (45) - It's been 45 days since I was in Alaska so I think that it may be about time to make reservations for the next trip. I spoke too soon about the rear A/C. It worked fine yesterday but today, won't turn on. I know it's getting power and communicating with the thermostat since I can manually turn on the fan and vary the speed. But the whole communication with the remote temperature sensor doesn't seem to be working. I looked at the wiring and found a loose crimp connector (actually corroded) and changed it. That didn't seem to do anything.

At least the pool is open today. It’s not very big but it is the ideal temperature on this 92°F afternoon. The sign on the gate says that the hot tub is closed but there are no barriers or signs at the hot tub itself. Several people were using it. And, it is still being heated.

About 1pm. the rear A/C just started working after it had warmed up to about 87°F. Still flaky especially for these 90°F days. I'll be doing another remote ham radio test later this afternoon. It would've been nice to be using the park WiFi but I haven't been able to find it. The SSID they claim is there isn't. Not on the Ubiquity radio, the iOS devices, on OS X, or Windows 10. I can even see the Motel 6 down the road. I'd say that their network isn't working.

Tuesday (46) - We had a nice, colorful sunset last night. The weather app says it’s 91°F but after sitting in the pool, it feels pretty nice now. I did some grocery shopping this morning and the non-mask wearers in the store could be counted on one hand.

At least it’s not -27°F like I see back home. It’s nice that they have the pool open even if it’s limited to ten people at a time.

Just like yesterday, the rear A/C didn’t turn on until the temperature hit ~87°F which, also just like yesterday, occurred a bit before 3pm. It’s supposed to be cooler starting on Saturday. I’ll pull the cover and try to test the remote temperature sensor. The air temperature at the output of both A/C units is 42°F, so once they are running, they put out cold air  

Wednesday (47) - Another 90°F+ afternoon so we are at the pool again. It is so nice that the pool is open. I went for a walk this morning and it’s around 2½ miles through all of the roads within the park. We talked quite a bit to another couple at the pool and got numerous suggestions of locations and hikes in the area. I think Bridget plans to return to the Music Instrument Museum tomorrow. 


  1. I sometimes think the old, nontechnical way of doing things were better. We used to have a thermostat that you slide the handle back and forth to change temperature. Worked like a charm. Now we have this computerized gizmo mounted to the wall. I don’t even know how to change the settings. I’m afraid to touch it. I hope you get your ac working correctly. Seems kind of important with those crazy high temps.

    1. Even though this thing is 15 years old, the thermostat and two A/C units are “networked” together. Just a telephone cable connecting them all together.