Saturday, November 21, 2020

Day 62, 63, 64 - Whitney, TX - TT

Thursday (62) - Perfect temperature today. 75° now at 2pm. Blue skies and a light breeze. I picked up some groceries this morning at the local grocery store. Not as much variety but I was able to pick up some stuff for Thanksgiving next week. I’m looking forward to the sous vide turkey already. 

This is the most set-up we’ve been in a while. Our site is pretty sheltered from the wind so the awning is out and staked down. Got a few tasks done around the RV done. Probably only a few hundred more to go...

Friday (63) - We drove to Waco this morning. Uneventful drive though we were surprised that how crowded the roads are compared to Arizona. Uneventful is a good thing. 

Several stops including a Pet Smart, HEB (a large grocery chain), and Chick-fil-A. Delicious spicy chicken sandwich. Plus, fresh tamales from HEB. By "fresh", I mean actually made in that store. We picked some up last year and they were wonderful.

Saturday (64) - The campground WiFi isn't really fast but I've been able to update my MacBook and MacBook Pro to Big Sur from Catalina. I think it was about a 12GB download on the MacBook Pro and a bit less on the MacBook. It looks similar but behavior is slightly different especially as it relates to security.

It looks like holiday baking season has begun. Since we are on a 30amp connection, we have to plan our power consumption. Times like this is when a propane oven would be preferred. The convection/microwave uses about 15amps all by itself. We just turned off the A/C and switch the water heater to propane as they are the other big consumers of power. The washer/dryer is also running and the dryer uses a lot of power as well. Right now, we are using about ⅔ of our max power.


  1. My FIL just replaced his MAC laptop with a MAC Mini ... I helped him set it up, seems nice and he says its much faster than the laptop...which was old and truly slow, probably bogged down with junk from over the years of use.

    1. Is it one of the really new ones with the Apple M1 processor or Intel?