Saturday, November 7, 2020

Day 48, 49, 50 - Apache Junction, AZ - TT

Thursday (48)
 - The forecast for today was for high of 97°F this afternoon. One guess where I’ll be (or already am!). It looks like one last hurrah for “summer” as starting this weekend, it looks like it’ll be more moderate. That’ll give us an opportunity to do more than sit around the pool or in the air conditioning. 

Speaking of air conditioning, the rear A/C unit is actually semi working. The thermostat is set for 61°F and it turned on at 78°F and is cycling on/of keeping the rear bedroom at around 74.5°F. At least for a while. This is the HomeAssistant temperature sensor. BTW, I’m able to check the temperatures remotely due to a $5/month service called Nabu Casa. Personally, I’m glad it works but does need Internet. The rear A/C shut off for a while but came back on when the temperature went over 80°F. I’m still thinking that it’s something with the temperature sensor. Once it cools off I’ll dig into the unit. I think the sensor connector is in a junction box accessible from the roof. Given the outside temperature, I’m just glad it’s working. 

I’ve given up on the park WiFi provider, Jabba Communications, as their tech support couldn’t even tell me the SSID. Let alone whether they even offered service at this RV park. For now, I’m just tethered to my iPad. 

This morning's “project” was a batch of yogurt in the Instant Pot. The pint mason jars don’t fit when using the trivet so I needed to heat the milk on the stove before filling the jars. One more step. I’ve made it before in the small 3qt Instant Pot but used wide-mouth canning jars. What I have with me are regular pint mason jars. They are slightly taller. 

Friday (49)
 - This is the temperature at 6:16AM! I heard the front A/C unit cycling all night but didn’t really think much of it. Now I know why, There has been a south wind for most of the last 24 hours but it hasn’t been strong enough or gusty to cause us awning or slide toppers issues. But, since it is somewhat overcast now, I went ahead and brought in the awning. I put the awning out mostly to shade the back of the refrigerator.

Doing another ham radio test this morning. It's a way to contribute a bit back to the community. It's fairly easy to do from anywhere and pre-Covid, it wasn't even an option. They needed to come up with a way that the FCC approved to do testing besides in-person. This has gone through a couple of iterations but it seems to work.

The yogurt turned out pretty good. This was breakfast today. I just needed to add some berries from the freezer. The granola is store-bought but pretty good. 

Saturday (50)
 - Lots of dust to the southeast. Enough to have a traffic warning of ¼ mile visibility and it almost blocked our view of the Superstition Mountains just a few miles east of here. It has been much cooler today and the rear A/C unit decided to start working again. The step up in temperature is where I raised the thermostat 1°F. 

Even with the cooler temperature, the pool is still a nice place to spend the afternoon.