Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Day 51, 52, 53 - Apache Junction, AZ - TT

Sunday (51) - The wind died down and it was a very much moderate 66°F this afternoon. I went up on the roof to check out the circuit board in the rear A/C unit. Right below the red DIP switches are two connectors. The upper is for a freeze sensor, a temperature sensor attached to the condenser to monitor icing, and the lower for the room temperature sensor. I unplugged both and cleaned the connectors with contact cleaner. I checked the room sensor with an ohm meter and it read 7.34K ohms. Where 7.9K=75°F and 6.9K=70°F according to an online troubleshooting guide. My HomeAssistant sensor said 74°F. Close enough to say that it works. I cleaned the contacts on the board and put it all back together. Turned the breaker back on and set the rear A/C to 70°F and after a few minutes, it turned on. We’ll see if it continues to work. 

Monday (52)
 - It was 48°F this morning and the forecast is for 39°F. Quite a change from last week. But it’s supposed to start warming up after that. We met up with good friends for lunch at a Szechuan place in Mesa. The food and company was excellent. 

Bridget had some stops in Mesa and one of them was next to a Trader Joe’s. I hadn’t been to one of them in quite a while. I picked up some non-essentials but it was fun browsing. The second stop was near a Best Buy. Browsed there as well but didn’t really see anything earth shattering. 

The tamales from Trader Joe’s were delicious. Not very spicy but good flavor. Steamed them in the Instant Pot. 

Tuesday (53)
 - It was in the low 40s (°F) last night and was clear and sunny today. Only a light breeze and temperatures in the mid-60s (°F). Not much going on today. We are meeting a ham operator and his wife for dinner again. They are also snowbirds from Fairbanks who initially had an RV but have since moved to a park model from the RV. MikeP is the one who administered the ham radio tests to me. 

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