Monday, November 16, 2020

Day 59 - Van Horn, TX - PA

Last night around 3am, I noticed that the rear furnace was no longer shutting off and the room temperature was around 75°F. I checked the thermostat and the LCD display was blank. After resetting the thermostat, it said “EE”. After a quick Google search, this indicates a communication error either between the thermostat and the front A/C or the front and rear A/C. Since both connections meet at the front, I disconnected one of the RJ-11 cables. I figured I had a 50% chance of guessing the one headed to the rear A/C. I guessed correctly and after resetting the thermostat, the front worked for the rest of the night. 

Today’s travel was about 220 miles to Van Horn, TX. We are at a Passport America RV park and with our discount, it’s only $15/night with full hookups including 50amp power. It nothing to write home about but it’s worth $15. 

After we set up, I dug out the contact cleaner and a small cleaning brush and cleaned all of the connectors and RJ-11 plugs. Then reset the thermostat again with no error codes. Turned on the rear A/C and the fan came on within 10sec but the compressor did not. Still broken. 

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