Saturday, November 28, 2020

Day 69, 70, 71 - Texas - TT

Thursday (69) -Today, we ventured to Cleburne State Park which was about 45 minutes north of here to share Thanksgiving with some RV friends. We distributed ourselves meeting the guidelines of the park but still had an enjoyable time. Four of us had amateur radio licenses, which was a surprise to me. The sous vide turkey surprised many as they, like us, usually don’t care for the normally dry white meat. 

The state park was off the beaten path and Google had us winding through farms and ranches on these small roads. I’m glad we didn’t have the RV. We did need to purchase a day pass for $10 before arriving as they are limiting the number of people in the park. It felt pretty empty. 

Friday (70)
 - I re-figured out the code and wiring for the ESP32 microprocessor for the lights and sensors above the swivel rocker. I’m trying out the ESP32 instead of the ESP8266 that I’m using everywhere else since it does PWM (pulse width modulation) in hardware. I’m controlling the two LED lights with a TIP120 darlington transistor to handle the current of the two LED light fixtures. It’s been a while since I had set it up. I’m also using a DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor as it is more accurate than the DHT11. Now I need to start working on the touch sensor again. Another minor difference is that this microprocessor uses 3.3V logic instead of 5V. Just something else to keep in mind…

Saturday (71) - Cold and rainy day. I messed around with the ESP32 some more. Installed an OLED display with the outside temperatures and played around trying to make a functional touch capacitative touch sensor. 

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