Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Day 208, 209, 210 - South Jetty TT

Monday (208) - Activity of the day, adding 10 gallons of diesel to the coach. Last week, I had picked up a 5 gallon diesel container to add some fuel to the coach. I think we were down to a tenth of a tank when we arrived. There are no large stations or truck stops around here so I didn’t even want to try squeezing into a station. Especially with the car attached. The first jug I used the CARB compliant nozzle and it was a real pain. Today, I picked up a siphon hose at ACE Hardware. So much simpler and neater. So I added another ten gallons today. We may be up to a quarter tank now. Plenty to get us to Coburg where there is a TA that is part of the TSD Logistics network.

This afternoon, we rode the e-bikes out towards the jetty but there was a pretty stiff headwind once we left the protection of the trees. WeatherUnderground said 18mph with gusts to 26mph. That sounds about right.

For dinner, we picked up a carton of crab chowder from Novelli’s, which is a floating shack built along a dock. It came highly recommended. N.B. Crab chowder not clam chowder. It was fabulous. Thank you Dan and Jen for the recommendation!

Tuesday (209) - Bridget has an appointment in town in the morning so I just went to wander around the area. This colorful mural was right across the street and it seemed like a good starting point. Our neighbors and new friends, Jim and Gail, took off this morning heading north to Newport. They are full-timers. It sounds like maybe Bridget had talked to them about visiting Yellowstone next year. Plus, they spend time in Quartzsite. I see ourselves there sometime this winter as well.

I stopped at the Dunes Cafe to get some coffee but saw a roasted Hatch Green Chile breakfast and I found that hard to pass up. It was delicious. Basically a breakfast scramble with potatoes, egg, and sausage topped with two roasted chiles and gravy.

I picked up some groceries at Safeway with the goal of having a mostly empty freezer by the end of the week. That way we can empty the fridge before dropping the rig off at the CAT shop and not worry about it being plugged in or having the propane turned on.

Wednesday (210) - I went for a walk this morning and noticed this wash within the campground. I just thought it looked kind of cool with all the exposed roots.

It’s still mid-60s (°F) and sunny. The Oregon coast has been a fabulous place to spend the summer. On Friday, we head inland to the Willamette Valley for the Labor Day weekend. I had forgotten to extend our reservation when we arrived in Pacific City. With TT, you can only have one reservation at a time over a major holiday but once you are in place, you can then reserve the next holiday. I wasn’t aware of that rule.


  1. Even when on (permanent) vacation one still has to do some chores, right? Manually adding several gallons of fuel must have been quite the workout.

    1. Oh yeah. And with any RV the maintenance and repairs are almost endless...

      Once I picked up the siphon it was very little work. It just took a while.