Monday, September 14, 2020

Day 220 - Starting to Head Home

Monday (220) - This is the view this morning on the drive to PDX. No heavy traffic and I’m at the gate two hours early. Still no Covid-19 test results…

There are a lot of cancelled flights due to what I’m assuming is smoke. The cancellations are classified as “weather” so no housing or food allowances.

Evergreens is still a great food option in the Seattle airport. I was glad to see that it was still open. If you like salads with lots of toppings, then this is the place for you. Six different kinds of lettuce base and maybe forty different toppings to choose from. A fabulous late lunch.

After taking off from PDX, I couldn’t see anything out the window until about two minutes before touchdown. Washington is as smoky as Oregon. I have a couple of hours in Seattle. At least there will be time to recharge my phone. Plus, the free wifi is fast. I downloaded about ten YouTube videos in about five minutes. Not too shabby!

The RV contributed to the Oregon smoke this afternoon. I guess they needed to run some tests for the injector replacement. Hopefully, some of the cost gets covered by warranty. Photo courtesy of Bridget who needed to pick up a couple more things from the RV.  


  1. So it's your RV causing the lack of air quality in the area. Ts, ts. Safe travels, Richard.

  2. Safe travels RichardM, hopefully replacing the injectors will do the trick....