Saturday, September 5, 2020

Day 211, 212, 213 - South Jetty TT and Back to Corvallis

Thursday (211) - This is our last full day at South Jetty TT so time to sweep off the roof and the slide toppers. And, another opportunity to check out the roof. The radio antenna pivot was loose but that’s simple enough to tighten. I also tightened a faucet handle, adjusted the bathroom door latch, and replaced a non-LED compatible dimmer with a newer model in the same style. The only non-LED bulbs are in the storage bays, refrigerator and the microwave. I did learn that the refrigerator bulb is used to warm up the inside of the refrigerator in cooler temperatures to ensure that it cycles regularly to keep the freezer cold. The system only has the be thermocouple and it’s in the refrigerator side. By cooler temperatures I mean below 50°F according to Dometic, the manufacturer of the refrigerator.

The fiberglass roof is in pretty decent shape and should be much sturdier than the rubber roofs used on most RVs. I’m planning to replace the vent fan in the living room/kitchen area with a temperature controlled one like I installed in the 5th wheel. Then use the old kitchen fan to replace the bathroom fan. And, install vent covers on both so they can be left open while traveling and in light rain.

Friday (212) - A modest 107 miles today and we are back at the fairgrounds RV park. We got 50amp pull-thru. I expected to be in the overflow at this time of year but I guess OSU is mostly remote at this time. We stopped at the TA and filled up with 82 gal of diesel. The TSD discount was $43. Pretty nice program. The computer display said that I had 12 gallons left when I actually had 18. I’m glad that I added the 14 gallons in Florence.

Most of the afternoon was spent helping my sister and brother-in-law move my mom into a senior apartment. The unit looks pretty nice and it’s in a really quiet neighborhood west of Corvallis. It’s now ibuprofen time...

Saturday (213) - Moving continued today. I think most things have been moved over. There is still a need to sort through what’s left. The RV spot is your typical site. They are wide enough, flat, paved, full utilities, free WiFi. No complaints except maybe a bit expensive. On Tuesday we take the coach to a CAT service shop on Tuesday so we will be emptying the fridge into my moms old house while it’s in the shop. This will be a busy week. 


  1. Moving and the chores that come with it... we also know a few things about that, Richard. Recently moved mom-in-law and just finished our own relocation. Vitamin I(buprofen) became a regular for a few days.