Friday, September 11, 2020

Day 218, 219 - Sherwood, OR

Thursday (218) - We are at A hotel for a few days visiting with some of Bridget’s family who are on vacation. The hotel has this nice breakfast room but there isn’t much of a breakfast these days. Just a lunch bag with a few items. So far, all we’ve done is have dinner at McMenamins for some delicious pub food. And venture to the Portland airport as they needed to change rental cars. The airport seemed empty.

The estimated time for the RV getting done is well into next week. So I just cancelled our campground reservation for next week. I still plan on getting the Covid test and flying back home next week for the week. The said that the #4 injector wasn’t responding to the computer and this is the same injector that was replaced last time.The asked for a copy of the paperwork so they could try to get it replaced under warranty. It also prompted them for a need to look at the wiring to see it that is the problem.

Friday (219) - This morning, we opted for breakfast at Black Bear Diner instead of the meager offering at the hotel. It’s always pretty tasty here and very reasonably priced.

We then went to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville. This is a fabulous museum that I had visited before and we thought that Bridget’s brother would really enjoy it.

 An old gas pump on display showing the taxes on a gallon of gasoline. State tax is a huge percentage of the price of gas. The next couple of pictures show the inside of the Spruce Goose.

Looking towards the nose. The spiral staircase to the passenger deck and the cockpit is on the right.

Looking towards the tail.

I like the anchor. Nice touch...


  1. Evergreen Av museum, one of my favorite places. The Space museum is very interesting with the Soviet exhibits. Hope they get to the bottom of the Cat problems.

    1. I think I’ve been to the Evergreen museum about half a dozen times. They even had a couple of Urals there in the past. Not there anymore. They used to belong to someone affiliated with the museum.

  2. In most hotels I stayed in the past months breakfast was either canceled completely or served at the table. No buffet...

    1. Kind of disappointing that they just had a lunch bag with Jello and a granola bar.