Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Day 10, 11, 12 - Chehalis, WA - TT


Monday (10) - I went back to our friend's home to drop off some huckleberries that Bridget had collected in Florence. Dave was building a wooden dog kennel and I got a little bit of kibitzing in. I look at them as “helpful suggestions”. Others may view them differently. 

Later in the afternoon, I stopped at Walmart to pick up some groceries. It felt kind of crowded in the store but only when I was near the entrance. At this time, the temperature was about 75°F. Back at the campground, it was a very pleasant 70°F. It was a cool 45°F this morning and since we are burning propane for heat, it's not ideal. 

Tuesday (11) - The database on the Raspberry Pi running HomeAssistant, the “smart home” server I had set up last Spring, wasn’t collecting data anymore. It was still running on a Pi 2 which was in the not-recommended category. I brought back two Raspberry Pi 3s that I had been using in the 5th wheel and installed the software on it. I then restored a saved image but this also installed a corrupted database. Since I really wasn’t looking at historical data, I just deleted the database and restarted the system. This created a new copy of the database and all is well. 

Dave mentioned that today (Tuesday) is “dump day” and offered to dispose of anything large that we had. I have been thinking of replacing the recliner as the upholstery was in poor shape and not very comfortable. Especially on a hot day. Until this morning, I hadn’t really looked at what it would take to get it out of the coach. Only one lag screw held it to the floor and the arm rests were bolted on with five bolts. With those removed, I was able to get it out the door and into the back of the Prius. Now time to shop for another chair. 

I picked up an electric oil-filled radiator at Tractor Supply this afternoon. It was about half the price of similar electric heaters at Ace Hardware. I’m thinking that in cooler weather, like here, it may produce enough heat to allow us not to use the propane furnace. We’ll see how well it works tonight. 

I headed for PDX a little early to check out chairs at IKEA and am kind of partial to this. Nice and simple, comfortable, and sort of rocks as the wood is springy. The challenge would be can I get it to swivel. Since it’s missing a front cross brace, I’m thinking that it wouldn’t work.

Wednesday (12) - A quiet day around the RV. It's supposed to into the low 80s but it looks like some smoke may have come into the area. I was the VE on another ham radio test this afternoon. There was a new wrinkle for me as the testing platform was different than what was used in the past. Fortunately, it was a longer test so I managed to get logged into the site before the test was finished.

For now, I'm just using a folding chair where the recliner was before. It's good enough for now until I find a suitable replacement.

HomeAssistant keeps stopping so rather than restoring the save config, I'm going to simply rebuild it from scratch on the new device. My afternoon activity…

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