Saturday, October 3, 2020

Day 13, 14, 15 - Chehalis, WA - TT

Thursday (13) - We visited with friends (actually sort of relatives) who have been full-time RVers for three years. They travel in a large 5th wheel mostly on the west coast. I had last seen them at my nieces wedding last summer. It was nice to hear of their travels and experience with work camping. Currently, they are at a state park not too far from the TT park we are at.

We did a little furniture shopping but I didn’t really see anything that stood out. Plus they were charging premium prices for their items. I saw this chair at the Camping World store in Coburg, OR, and it’s kind of what I’m looking for. But that ring on the bottom needs to be metal so the chair can be anchored to the floor. I think this one may be plastic.

I needed to deposit some money in my sons Wells Fargo account and was surprised when they wouldn’t accept cash. I had to go to the post office to purchase a money order then deposit that. Have you ever run into a bank that wouldn’t accept cash?

Friday (14) - Frustrating day. I was getting ready to empty the tanks and we noticed an empty sewer site. I moved the RV there but we really had a hard time finding a level spot. When one of the auto-leveling jacks ran out of travel, the other one on that side continued to lift. I believe that this twisted the body and the windshield popped out yet again.

We found a more level spot and I used blocks under the rear wheels and manually controlled the jacks and we got the rig leveled. One of our friends here in the park used to work on RV windshields and he got it mostly back into the rubber gasket. Tomorrow, I will pick up some of the suction cup tools from Harbor Freight and we can then get the glass back in. Stay tuned...

Saturday (15) - Yesterday afternoon, we were both very frustrated with this RV and wanted to just sell it to the highest bidder. But, after a cooling off period, we decided to just fix the windshield again and avoid really off-level sites. Any other RV will have problems. At least we know the problems with this RV.

Harbor Freight had the suction cup tools for working with windows at a fairly modest price. The ratchet straps are to help pull the windshield halves together in the middle. I will also use them on the car dolly to hold the car against the wheel stops.

Now that we decided to keep traveling with this RV, we went up to Camping World in Fife, WA, to pick up a chair. The one pictured earlier didn’t rock and the ring on the swivel was made of plastic. We found another swivel rocker-recliner in tan that was not only comfortable but the base was a metal ring just like the old recliner. Easy to mount in the RV. Picture tomorrow after I mount it to the floor. 

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