Friday, October 30, 2020

Day 41, 42 - Bullhead City, AZ - RPI

Thursday (41) - The tech returned this morning around 8:30 to finish the water pump installation. There were a lot of O-rings included in the box as all of the fittings from the old pump needed to be moved to the new part. And all of the fittings had O-rings. We added 8 gallons of the special “red” antifreeze that CAT requires and started the engine to check for leaks. BTW, not much smoke. 

Tomorrow morning, we’ll drive back to Henderson to get our core deposit back. I also called the service manager and mentioned that this tech didn’t seem to have any experience with this engine. So we negotiated a discount. I appreciated that. 

Friday (42)
 - This morning, we headed back to Henderson to return the old water pump to get our $210 core deposit back. We took advantage of the food options to have lunch. We also wandered through Costco but didn’t purchase anything. The Mediterranean Grill was very good and dramatically different from what we’ve had for quite a while. 

This gave us enough time to go back to the pool at the RV park in the afternoon. 

Later - It is nice at the pool. Just a slight breeze to keep you cool. Yesterday evening, I went to the other pool near the store/deli. Initially, I was thinking of leaving as a mother and teenage daughter were arguing. I offered to leave but they said it wasn’t necessary. Later on, the couple from across the street came by and we must’ve talked for half an hour. 

We head out tomorrow for an Encore park east of Mesa. 


  1. Good news on the water pump repair! We are all fixed up too, and headed for a Harvest Host stay tonight on our way to Santa Barbara. 😊

  2. Glad that repair is done and holding fine. I'm headed out towards SE Utah soon, or perhaps central NM....depends on weather forecasts....I go where its warm.

    1. Lots of stuff in NM seems to be shut down. Bridget had made a reservation there and we were told the NM would require us to not leave the RV for two weeks. We didn’t make a reservation there...

    2. Yep, NM State Parks aren't allowing out of state tagged vehicles to use their facilities, only NM plated vehicles. I would be using BLM land for camping, so not an issue.