Saturday, October 17, 2020

Day 28, 29 - Walla Walla, WA, and Moscow, ID

Friday (28) - We are at the eastern side of Washington state after driving up the Columbia River gorge. The gorge was windy but at least it wasn’t a headwind. We are here in Walla Walla for a couple of days and plan to visit my cousin’s oldest son tomorrow in Moscow, ID. I preferred an RV park with power and a slightly lower elevation. Walla Walla is under 1000’ and it was almost 75°F when we arrived. Low tonight is a modest 55°F. 

It is a regular RV park. Parallel sites with grass in between. But it is level and paved. What is unusual is that you park nose-in and need to back out. 

It was 46°F this morning and the batteries were at 62%. I ran the generator for a couple of hours to run the block heater for easier engine starting by.

Saturday (29) - Last month, I picked up a gps enabled dash cam on Amazon. It is the Azdome GS63H. I finally got around to playing with it and have it mounted on the RV windshield near the bottom center. The video below was recorded as we were driving along the Columbia River. Resolution is 1080p, 60fps. Unfortunately, it doesn’t use the gps to update the date/time. You need to do it from your phone after connecting to it’s built-in WiFi. I just enabled motion sensing so it should start automatically when traveling. 

We drove up to Moscow, ID, and met up with relatives ChrisN and his family for a socially distant lunch. Best pizza I’ve had in quite a while. They had just moved a couple of weeks ago from upstate NY. Quite a change. 

The color of the leaves was pretty nice. Especially when you’re used to just yellow in AK. 


  1. Decent quality for a dash cam, Richard. Looking forward to some driving vids.

    1. It may be a while. It seems that the 64GB card gets filled up every day. I didn’t expect that...