Thursday, October 15, 2020

Day 27 - Reset windshield #3

Thursday (27) - This morning, I fired up the generator a little before 6am. There were other engines running by then with several trucks runners either their engine or APU. The coach batteries were only down to 75% so running the rear furnace definitely used less power. I suspect that it also burns less propane. The front furnace was still running but I turned the thermostat down to 64°F. 

We were at the glass shop, Twin City Glass, by 8am and they had me in the shop before 9. I needed to lower the WeBoost antenna as their shop door is 13’. Without the WeBoost antenna, the coach is 12’ 8” according to the owners manual. We didn’t hit so that must be close enough. 

The windshield is back in place. I’m in their parking lot waiting for Bridget to get back from Oregon. We just need to avoid unlevel sites. And not even bother trying to level or put out the slides. While the slides are in, the body is much more ridged since the slides are locked in place. Since I needed to back into the Moose Lodge parking lot, I went ahead and backed out of the shop. Apparently, Thursday is “Moose day”. 

The plan is to head back to the Ilani Casino again this evening. 


  1. Wait, so are you saying you can’t use the slideouts on uneven spots at all?

    1. Yep, if the site is too unlevel, we can’t use the leveling jacks and if it’s not level, we can’t put out the front slides.