Sunday, October 4, 2020

Day 16 - Chehalis, WA - TT

Sunday (16) - I’m guessing that the manufacturer of this chair (Thomas Payne) is the same as the old chair since the swivel mechanism was interchangeable. Instead of drilling holes in the new metal base ring, I just swapped parts. The swivel bearing is the new part as I just swapped the metal ring that sits on the floor. The chair is very comfortable and it’s slightly smaller size means that it no longer rubs against the shades and window screen.

Another minor addition from Camping World is this wall-mounted holder for the remotes. Not necessary but nice to have.

I went ahead and did a complete rebuild of the HomeAssistant server on the Raspberry Pi3B hardware. The performance has increased substantially due to increased memory and a faster, 64-bit processor. I still have a few more files to recreate. But, I can now access it remotely again, get historical data, and run automations. These functions had all stopped working about a month ago.

I also proctored another remote ham radio exam this afternoon. We will be working on the windshield tomorrow afternoon between a couple more exam sessions.


SonjaM said...

That chair looks mighty cosy. Not sure if I would ever be able to get up again once seated in it ;-)

RichardM said...

The new chair is pretty comfy. And the smaller size allows it to swivel all the way around.

Bluekat said...

Like the recliner. I’ve noticed they now put them in some travel trailers. Looks much more comfortable than the couch and dinette I remember in the past. We’ve been looking at trailers/vans for a while now. Don’t know if or when we’ll pull the trigger. Now that everyone has decided to take up camping and filling up the forest it seems less appealing. 😔

RichardM said...

We still have a couch but table and chairs instead of the dinette. I never found them very comfortable. There’s enough open land especially if you have a van or other smaller RV. Just not in Oregon or anywhere near the ocean.