Sunday, September 13, 2020

Day 220, 221 - Back in Corvallis

Saturday (220) - I’m still trying to get back to Alaska. I had a tele-doc conference this morning with someone from Nova Health and was told to come to the Coburg location to be tested. This is different than I was told last Monday when I made the appointment. It seems that the fire east of Eugene was causing issues for the hospital in Springfield where I was supposed to get tested. So instead of results in 24 hours as promised, it’ll probably be closer to 48 hours.This is really a royal pain.

On a brighter note, we had dinner last night with good friends Chris, Brad and Brandy at a local brewpub. Chris had been camp hosting east of here and needed to evacuate due to the fires. It sounds like he will be exploring a bit on his way back to Georgia as the camp host gig was finished.

We stopped at the truck shop in Albany to pick up some more stuff such as silverware, frying pans, etc. as most of the stuff in the kitchen was moved out. The crock pot was not one of those things. I haven’t used a crock pot in years. But it’s a tried and true recipe that actually works better in a slow cooker than the Instant Pot. I also needed some more clothes and medicine for the trip home.

Sunday (221) - Yesterday, I found out that the Eugene Airport had canceled all commercial flights as the airport was being used by the fire service. I changed my flights to fly out of Portland instead of Eugene. It’s a much longer drive and I-5 has been seeing a lot more traffic due to the fires. I didn’t hear anything from Alaska Airlines about the closure.

Today, I’m at my mom’s appt waiting for the Comcast tech. We moved her cable box and cable modem last week and it worked fine. She called Comcast to switch to the TV package that the facility has arranged and the voice line stopped working. Customer support didn’t have a clue. Sent out a tech. He got the phone working easily. But the cable TV required a lot of phone calls. 


  1. Hope the wild fires and the virus (testing) will not cause too much of a waiting time.

  2. Wow, I recognized Brad & Brandy, but not Chris, in your FB photo! Safe travels back to GA, and stop by Estes Park if it's on your way! We leave here the 29th.

    1. I didn’t recognize Chris when I first saw him either. He’s adapted to his environment (in the Oregon mountains).

  3. Good to see that Brandy and Brad are still about - I thought they'd gone off grid long ago!