Sunday, September 27, 2020

Day 7, 8, 9 - Chehalis, WA - TT

Friday (7) - A cool, rainy day in the PNW. After all that time on the coast we should be used to this. The power is kind of marginal here. When we draw more than about 22amps, the voltage drops enough for the Progressive Dynamics EMS to disconnect the RV. So I set the EMS built into the RV to 20amps max. I find it confusing that the two companies are both using the same acronym for two completely different functions. The voltage drops to about 100VAC when we are pulling 20amps. After it stops raining I might try cleaning the terminals on our power cable but I don’t think that will fix the problem. 

This does mean that we are using the propane furnace for heat instead of the heat pump. I’m glad that I topped off the propane tank when we left the Corvallis KOA yesterday. Since we don’t pay anything for electricity, this does mean that staying here costs a little extra. BTW, here is a picture of one of the bezels that my son printed for the small OLED displays I’ve been using around the RV. It makes for a much more finished look. I found the file on ready for printing. The time to print four of them at one time was 1hr 40m. The display is press fit onto four pins printed as part of the bezel and I glued it to the refrigerator. 

Saturday (8) 
- Bridget headed to Fairbanks this afternoon from the Portland airport. We are sort of half way between PDX and SEA but there is much less traffic into PDX. After dropping her off, I headed up to friends near Centralia where they were making a chicken paella. Pretty good!

Sunday (9)
 - No more rain! It really rained hard yesterday afternoon but it looks much better for the upcoming week. When it rains hard, we see water by one of the bedroom slides. We carefully checked for any leaks on the roof and the walls. Yesterday, I noticed that the top of the slide wasn’t as far out as the bottom. This means that the top of the slide was tilted such that any water on the top would pool against the coach. There is a rubber seal but it is 15 years old. It’s hard to examine since the slide topper covers it up. 

While walking around the campground this afternoon, I ran into another couple who were across from us in Seaside TT. I ended up talking with them for about an hour or so. It was nice to catch up. 

I turned on the DMR radio and found out that the Monday Alaska Net should be up and running again on the Alaska Statewide talk group 3102. I had just charged up the radio and tried it out to see if my Raspberry Pi hotspot was still working properly.


  1. Chicken paella, looks great. Now I'm hungry again (and I just had dinner).

    1. He rated this batch of paella as 2 out of 10.