Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Released from Quarantine!

Around 8 this morning, I got a call from Nova Health in Coburg, OR, to let me know that the results from my test last Saturday morning were transferred from the hospital in Springfield to the clinic. Their system automatically encrypts the file and sends it to the email address listed in the record. The nursing staff doesn’t have any control of that process but she thought that I should receive the email within an hour. It actually took a little longer than that. Once I received the email, I unzipped the file and uploaded it to the State of Alaska “safe travels” website updating my travel record for this trip. Once I completed the upload of the negative result, I was off of my self-quarantine.

My first stop was Alaska RV where the 5th wheel has been in storage. After talking to them, I opted to leave it there and paid for the storage through March. They offered to cover it back up and remove the battery at the end of the month. It is still winterized from when I did it last year.

I stopped at Costco to get prices on tires for the truck as they are extremely worn after the last road trip. At $369 each, I’m not replacing them at this time. Plus, Costco can’t install them as they won’t install commercial tires. These are 245/70-19.5 H rated commercial tires. Another option is to install the 265/70-17 E rated light truck tires as I still have the original rims. I need to think about it.

I then had lunch with friends Dave and Florrie and helped them with some computer questions they had. I picked up a couple or steaks from Costco and will show my son how to use the Instant Pot sous vide stick.

I asked my son to print some bezels for the OLED displays on my “Smart RV” project. You know the one that I haven’t worked on since Pendleton. These are for the external displays such as the one showing refrigerator/freezer temperatures. It’ll have a much more finished look than just the bare display.


  1. Congrats on the negative result. the waiting time is nerve wrecking.

    1. It could be worse. I heard today that the local tests here in Fairbanks will notify you by phone or email if you test positive. A negative result will simply be put in the mail. You won't get the results for about four days. How about that for inconsiderate.

  2. 3D printing bezels....neat. Glad you got the paperwork to clear you with the State....I wonder how heavy they check?