Sunday, August 30, 2020

Day 205, 206, 207 - South Jetty - TT

Friday (205) - Another sunny, 64°F day here on the Oregon coast. I went to the pool for about half an hour but it was kind of busy. One guy was complaining that since they had two swim sessions, why not have one family and the other adult. He was trying (unsuccessfully) to swim laps. The jacuzzi was still closed but they did have the wading pool open. It was unused.

Bridget spent the morning making delicious huckleberry muffins (dairy free), using only the pink huckleberries, and was liking the way the convection oven worked. I believe that this was the first time she used the oven.

Today being Friday, there has been a continuous stream of new arrivals probably just for the weekend.

Saturday (206) - Another nice day on the coast. I’m using the sous vide to cook some steaks for some friends here at the RV park. The temperature control is no longer accurate. It seems to be about 4° high. Or the actual water temperature is lower than indicated. The target for medium-rare is 129°F so I have it set to 134° for slightly above medium-rare.

You may ask why I would believe the little, analog meat thermometer. First, it agrees with the temperature gun which measures radiation temperature and second, the last couple of times I used the sous vide to make a beef roast, it came out closer to rare than medium-rare. The meat thermometer had the roast at rare so for now, I’ll believe the little analog thermometer.

BTW, the steaks were made perfectly. At least in my opinion.

Today, I also took part as a VE for a remote ham radio exam. The Anchorage VEC is one of the few organizations that is able to offer remote exams.

Sunday (207) - Another sunny, 64°F day. What’s not to like about summer on the Oregon coast. Weekends are crowded. Possibly more crowded than usual as many people are recreating closer to home these days. But the pool was almost empty at 1:00. I think people were having lunch or enjoying the sand dunes. When I arrived there were two kids and by 1:30, I was the only one in the pool. Not complaining.

The last time I went swimming, my Apple Watch display stopped working. The watch internals were still working as it was still connected to my phone via Bluetooth and still connected to the RV WiFi. The next day, it started working again around noon. So today I’m not wearing the watch to the pool.

And, I happened to see this photo of Denali taken today on Twitter.


  1. Clear day in the valley and the Range. 64 is a nice temp.