Saturday, August 15, 2020

Day 190, 191, 192 - South Beach, OR - TT

Thursday (190) - This morning we went to a farmers market in Toledo which was a small town about eight miles east of Newport. One of the things I picked up was a bucket of blackberries. Now time to make a pie…

We went back to Seal Rock to visit with one of Bridget’s friends formerly from Fairbanks. They now live in an off-grid home in Bend and are currently traveling in a 4WD Sprinter that they converted to an RV. We will definitely be visiting when we are back in the Bend/Sunriver area next month.

Friday (191) - I think the blackberry pie came out looking okay. This is the first pie I’ve made in the RV using the convection microwave. It tasted pretty good too. And there is still about four cups of berries left for maybe a cobbler. For now, I put the rest of the blackberries in the freezer. Not the same as if we picked them ourselves but I’m not complaining.

This evening I participated as a VE observer of a remote amateur extra exam administered by the Anchorage club. I believe it is one of the only groups authorized to administer remote tests by the FCC.

Saturday (192) - I hadn’t even walked through the RV park yet. Kinda lazy. Today, it was in the mid-70s and not windy. A good day for a walk. Most of my walks through the park were just to use the Internet near the office. The neighbor said that AT&T was working at their site. Maybe we need to switch one device to AT&T.

This is a pond near the second lodge building. It is closed but the deck still has a couple of chairs on it. Walking all of the roads in the RV park is only a mile so I may need to head for the beach. 


  1. Mmmmmm, Blackberry Pie....Boysenberry next?

    1. Don’t know. I’m not really a very good berry picker these days. I just stumbled across the blackberries at a local farmer’s market.