Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Day 180, 181, 182 - Seaside, OR - TT

Monday (180) - This morning, I moved the tow dolly to the back of the coach and hitched it up. The ground wire from the connector was broken but it grounds through the hitch as well. I fixed it anyway since I had some good crimp connectors with built in heat shrink. Tested all the lights again and all is good. The only function I can’t readily test is the brake lights as they seem to be activated by air pressure switches. Since the coach has been sitting for about ten days, front and rear air pressure is close to zero. The brake lights are also activated by the exhaust brake. Both functions worked when Bridget was following the coach to Coburg so I don’t see that changing.

Dinner today was asian-style ribs in the Instant Pot basically following a Flo Lum video. Very tasty…

Tuesday (181) - Cool, foggy morning and it’s around 60°F at around 10A. The neighbors took off today and it really makes the our site seem empty. I rode the e-bike around some this morning as well but was getting a bit wet from the mist. I think it’s about time to pack up my bike. I don’t think I’ll be riding much more in the next couple of days. On Thursday, we head south to our next TT RV park. The next one is also in the popular category, as is this one, so there is a two week stay limit. Like here, we stayed there before two years ago.

Yesterday evening, I had noticed that the RV across the street from us was also on RVillage. After a few messages back in forth, we met outside and ended up talking for quite a while. They have been full-timers for almost a year. No real projects for today except packing some stuff away.

I did replace the DHT11 temperature/humidity sensor in the living room with a DHT22. The only difference, besides cost, is that it is 5x more accurate. Not really a big deal in this application. I had the new sensor since the beginning of July but needed a decent Internet connection to recompile the firmware. On the 24-hour graph you can see the change in resolution between the original and new sensors. The change was from 2.5 °C to 0.5 °C.

New neighbors pulled in with a beautiful Entegra Aspire. And they were towing a Ford C-Max hybrid. I didn’t know it was flat towable.

Wednesday (182) - After a short stop in Warrenton, we headed to the Columbia River Maritime Museum. I hadn’t known that the conditions at the mouth of the Columbia River were so treacherous. The last picture is a map of all the shipwrecks. The river deposits a lot of sand at the mouth building up a constantly changing sandbar.

The museum had a large area devoted to the Coast Guard rescue boats and their history. Pretty amazing videos and stories. There was another section showing the process of delivering river pilots onto the ships. Treacherous.

Outside of the museum were several active coast guard vessels and the lightship Columbia. I had never heard of a lightship before. From 1951 to 1979 it was anchored at the entrance to the channel at the mouth of the Columbia River and had a light up on a mast (along with a foghorn and bell). As the channel moved, the lightship could be moved. It was replaced in 1979 with a large navigational bouy.

The road into Astoria from Portland was almost bumper to bumper. The museum itself wasn’t crowded and I would recommend visiting if you are in the area.

Bridget is out visiting with a YouTuber that we’ve met before in Quartzsite. They took the dogs for a walk.

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