Thursday, August 20, 2020

Day 195, 196, 197 - South Beach and Florence, OR - TT

Tuesday (195) - Not sure what to say about today. The highlight may be that the SeeLevel II gauges are all working. I guess the black tank cleaning that I did last week worked. I met Bob, another RV YouTuber that I watch. His channel is Just Passing Thru aka Next Exit.

Wednesday (196) - Cleaned all of the pine needles off of the awning and slide toppers. It was a pretty thick layer on the awning. Once it dries out, I’ll bring it in. Tomorrow we head for another TT park just a little bit south of Florence. It’s only about 45 miles from here and that’s good since we have less than ¼ tank of diesel. I’m guessing that we still have 25 gallons or so.

Thursday (197) - Moving day today. We arrived at the next RV park just south of Florence around 10am or so. We found a full hook-up site (there aren’t very many) that we barely fit into. But having sewer was a priority as that meant we didn’t need to move the RV for the time we are here. Though we may move if something better opens up but we’ll see.

The Fred Meyer parking lot is pretty tight to maneuver the RV to get diesel so I’m thinking about just picking up a 5 gallon jug and get some diesel every time we venture into town. I should’ve just filled up at the co-op in Tillamook. Oh well. Live and learn.

After no Verizon in South Beach for the last couple of weeks, it’s nice to have Internet again without walking to the office area. Our site is on higher ground so we can also pick up the free campground WiFi using the Ubiquity radio. That’s convenient as we can stream video on WiFi using the Apple TV.

The Garmin RV gps tried to route us through Corvallis and Eugene instead of straight down 101 so I looked at the route in AllStays. It shows a tunnel listed as 11’6” at the edge of the road but 14’6” at the fog line. I’m guessing that’s what the gps was trying to avoid. The tunnel wasn’t an issue. 


  1. Have you got any concrete plans for getting home yet or is depending on changes at the border?

    1. I’m going to try and find testing around Eugene, OR, and fly home for a week or so next month. Some things I need to get done. As far as driving back, probably not for a while based on others experiences at the Alaska-Canadian border. A retired person who lives in AK doesn’t have a compelling reason to get to the lower-48 so they can’t drive south through Canada at this time.