Sunday, August 9, 2020

Day 184, 185, 186 - South Beach, OR - TT

Friday (184) - We went up to Newport to pick up some groceries at Walmart. The roads were kind of crowded but the store itself wasn’t too bad. Though the majority refuse to follow Walmart’s direction signs. I guess that’s to be expected these days. There is almost no Verizon bandwidth at this location. With the WeBoost, I’ll get two to three bars of LTE but almost no throughput until the middle of the night when my email comes in.

We stopped at Tamale Time near Seal Rock. The chicken fajita burrito was okay but kind of bland. Not what we expected. There seems to be quite a bit of turnover in this park. Quite a few empty sites which I’m sure will be filled this afternoon. I think the locals are staying close to home for their vacations this year.

Saturday (185) - We drove into Corvallis today to pick up some packages and visit with my mom. So no pictures for today.

Sunday (186) - Cool and Breezy today. Especially on the beach. I walked a couple of miles today among the throngs of beach goers. All 15 of them. I’m not sure where they all went as there were almost that b m any cars in the parking lot. Like most other summer weekends, the campground was almost full. It seems odd to me that folks would come here for two days the leave. They seem to arrive with fire pits, bicycles, screened-in tents. All sorts of stuff.


  1. Its like people think the pandemic is history isn't it? I am thinking there's going to be a spike when school terms begin soon.

    1. Yep. I wonder when school reopens around here...

  2. I am worried too that the curve will go up again now that school has begun. We'll see, our kids will be required to wear face masks, so far they have been very disciplined, more so than some adults.