Monday, August 24, 2020

Day 200, 201 - South Jetty, OR - TT

Sunday (200) - Another really nice day here in Florence, OR. I rode the e-bike to the end of the through the South Jetty OHV Area to the end of the road. I think it was around 8 miles each way. Between the headwind headed out and the uphill returning, the motor got a lot of use. There were a lot of people out there. There were several OHV staging areas and they were packed with trucks and RVs with trailers. Mostly quads and side-by-sides but there were a handful of dirt bikes. These pictures are of the inlet as you need to climb the dunes to get to the ocean. Maybe when it’s less crowded.

After riding to the jetty, I swung by the pool to see how busy they were. Only four people in the pool. I returned in a couple of minutes and relaxed in the pool for half an hour or so then dried out on the pool deck. Really nice!

It’s day 200. I’m looking for locations in OR to get a COVID-19 test with results in the 72-hour window required by Alaska. There are things back home that I need to get done. Very frustrating.

This was today’s very manageable project. Installing a handlebar end mirror on the e-bike. I picked it up at a Corvallis bike shop. I’ve looked at just about every bike shop I’ve come across but they were always out of stock.

Monday (201) - Today’s field trip was heading north on Hwy-101. We stopped in Yachats for lunch at the Sea Note Restaurant and Lounge. I had baked oysters w/garlic toast and it was delicious. It's hard for me to pass up oysters and Bridget pushed me towards this dish instead of just a burger. She said that I could get a burger anywhere.

Our next stop was Devil's Churn. To get the full effect, we needed to visit during a storm or a really high tide. Today was neither. The ocean would come crashing into this narrow channel. Some of the videos I've seen are pretty impressive. This area had 15-minute parking which was about ideal. There was a trail down to near the water but the view was supposed to be most impressive from above.

We continued south and stopped at Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint and walked down the short trail to the beach. The tide was starting to come in so the dry beach in front of these rocks was shrinking. The rocks were easy to climb on. The parking lot at this viewpoint was tiny so there weren't very many people on the beach.

Our last stop was the viewpoint overlooking Heceta Head Lighthouse. This is probably one of the most photographed lighthouses on the Oregon coast and most of those photographs were probably from this viewpoint. The last time we were here we saw a number of sea lions in the water but not today. This viewpoint is just north of Sea Lion Caves. The last time we were here we paid to park and walked up to the lighthouse. The lighthouse was closed then and I'm pretty sure it's closed now. Many of the state campgrounds are still closed due to covid. 


  1. I've been re-watching the tv series Eureka....set in a town in Oregon....but really it was Vancouver so no suggestions for you to check out. I suppose you could go look at the people who make and keep Portland Weird?

  2. Sounds like endless vacation ;-) Nice weather, pool... good life. Hope you get your mandatory C19 test somewhere soon.