Saturday, August 22, 2020

Day 198, 199 - Florence, OR - TT

Friday (198) - This morning as I started to head for Fred Meyers, I noticed this site was open. I went and picked up our sign from the post and moved it over to this site and left the car there. We quickly packed up the RV to move it to the new site. In my rush, I cut a corner and damaged some of the body on the passenger side rear. The panel over the rear wheel is loose but is easily repaired. The panel just in front of the wheel has a dent near the bottom. Fortunately, it isn’t an opening door. It covers the water tank. Pretty stupid of me to try and cut corners but I was trying to minimize smoking up the whole campground. As it was, the manager came by to ask about all the smoke.

Here is something we haven’t seen for a while. The pool is open. It’s limited to 25 people at a time, no furniture allowed, only Friday thru Sunday, and two sessions with a cleaning period in between the sessions. The jacuzzi is still closed but the pool was heated and when I was there, only three other people in the pool.

Fred Meyer wasn’t crowded but they were low on a couple of items. From our list, no napkins or iceberg lettuce. Kind of odd. But I think I found just about everything else. I also stopped at the Ace Hardware for some stainless carriage bolts for the body panel over the wheel.

Yesterday, we picked up dinner at a local, award winning Hawaiian place. Fantastic food! And two scoops of rice and a scoop of macaroni salad was included. I did get a kick out of their sign on the door.

Saturday (199) - Not raining today! The awning is staked out again and I “fixed” the fiberglass panel around the rear wheel. The brackets were pop riveted on and I replaced them with ¼” stainless carriage bolts. Still annoyed with myself for messing things up like that.

There are a lot of blackberries around the campground. This bush is right in our site. I picked several cups, cleaned them up and made a cobbler. Just a recipe from the Internet.

It said to bake it until the dough rises to the top and browns. It didn’t and I took it out of the oven after baking for an additional twenty minutes. It’s pretty tasty but I think I prefer a pie.

The weather for the next week looks pretty much more of the same. 


  1. Bummer about the damage incurred doing a hasty displacement....been there done that! Lucky it was an easy fix....hopefully no major cosmetic issues.

    1. Some cosmetic issues but no mechanical issues.