Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Ivory Jacks

I’m feeling much better today. Maybe, almost “normal”, The jury is still out on what “normal” may mean in my case. This evening, we went is search of a Alaska experience for visiting family and settled on Ivory Jacks. A bar and restaurant in the Goldstream Valley. It had tons of posters and dog sled paraphernalia on the wall. In fact, we saw a dog sled go by while walking out to the car. Unfortunately, no one had their phone ready for a picture.

That wasn’t the case while we were waiting for our dinner. Since I was the only one not messing with my phone, I stepped back and took a picture. After dinner, we went over to the Goldstream store as it sort of typified to me an Alaska rural store. Baskets of potatoes and onions next to bins of peanuts and dog food. Some local craft items and a small selection of groceries. For several years, this was my local grocery store as I had lived in the area. I don’t remember ever going into the old Ivory Jacks as that required money. As a graduate student, I didn’t have any to spare. The original building burned down around twenty years ago but was rebuilt within a few years.  


  1. Is Ivory Jacks in the area where we stopped briefly while riding with Lori?

    1. You have a good memory. It was right next door. I had forgotten about that.

    2. Your mention of being a grad student triggered the memory