Thursday, January 17, 2019

Day 9 - Benson, AZ - TT

This morning, we went to the Sierra Vista farmers market. It was a very nice day and the high temperature is forecast to be 69°F. This musical group was performing at the farmers market so I enjoyed their music while Bridget was looking for produce. When we were in Sierra Vista a couple of days ago, I noticed that there was quite a difference in fuel prices from Benson. So today, we filled up in Sierra Vista for fifty cents per gallon less than the Love's truck stop near Benson. I had heard that the stations along the Interstates were more expensive.

I filled up the propane tank that we have been using for the last week so we will be heading to Quartzite with two full tanks. When we were in Bend with similar overnight temperatures, one propane tank only lasted about four days. We have been on this tank for eight and it was about ⅔ used. I think the electric heater really makes a difference. I also filled up the gasoline container for the generator and I picked up two five-gallon water jugs from Tractor Supply. After filling up the plastic gasoline container, it looked like it was leaking from the cap. This was a container that I had brought from home and had just assumed that it was in good shape. So back to Tractor Supply for a plastic gas jug.


  1. The catalytic propane heater I use vice the onboard heater furnace (along with cooking) lasts about a week before I'm planning a refill. This last usage period, I was at 11 days and it still hadn't reached the 1/4 mark when I filled up in Sun City.

    1. I was planning on setting up a low pressure feed line for one of the Mr. Buddy heaters but really haven’t felt up to doing anything that ambitious the past week.