Friday, January 11, 2019

Day 3 - Benson, AZ - TT

Even though 38°F was the low temperature this morning, I’ll still take it rather than the 74°F colder temperature back home. I turned up the furnace some as this trailer doesn’t seem to have much insulation especially in the floor. I think it relies on the trapped air in the heated underbelly to warm the floor. If we ever get a different RV, better insulation and double pane windows will be on the list. With the furnace running, the interior warms up fine though it doesn’t maintain the heat very well. Back in Sunriver, OR, we were going through about 30# of propane every 4 days. But it was getting to below freezing at night. The forecast for today is 60s (°F) and partly cloudy.

Lots of sunshine today but, unfortunately, not really feeling well enough to enjoy it. The cold/cough was getting a whole lot better until the flight down. I’ll blame it on fatigue. It’s 60°F right now and Bridget just came back from the jacuzzi. She said it was boring...

And no nice colors on the western horizon tonight. We are still getting things organized within the RV. I think the one item that I need to get moved is the bicycle. I was going to pick up a new lock over the last couple of months but, for some odd reason, no one in Fairbanks carried bicycle locks.


  1. Oh my, hope you don't suffer from a bad case of man flu. Be better soon.

    1. Thank you. Feel better today but I’ve felt better...