Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Day 1 - We Made It!

Shirtsleeve weather when we were waiting for the shuttle. Pretty nice. The truck is fine, it started up without a problem. It looks like it survived storage here in Tucson. The hotel and room is a bit rough but good enough and you can’t beat the parking rate.

Ran into a lot of familiar faces on this trip most headed south but one couple headed back to visit a sick parent. Visiting in the Seattle airport made the time pass quickly. Tomorrow, we pick up the trailer and head back to Benson, AZ. 


  1. Ah nice temps. Our winter is about to start now... the German South is burried in snow.

    1. It’s a bit cooler here in Benson but I’m not complaining! There is some snow on the surrounding mountain peaks.

  2. Enjoy! It is cold and nasty here in Georgia and I wish we could be on the road for good, but not yet. We are headed to Florida next week for a break, but then will have to come back to (hopefully) close on the house.