Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Day 21 - Lake Havasu City, AZ

Finally getting some tasks done on the RV. I had ordered this outdoor shower unit from Amazon back in November. It traveled down with us and has been sitting in the basement storage until I could get some putty tape. One of the local RV shops sold me a partial roll of just enough for the job. It was a simple matter of removing the old unit, cleaning off all of the old putty and putting the new one in. Reconnected the water lines and silicone seal the upper edge and along the sides. The old door was sun-baked brownish color and was repaired with duct tape. It looked pretty tacky which is the main reason for replacing it. We never used it except to test the water pump. Though having a place to clean up the dogs may prove to be useful. The shower and the water fill are the only exterior locks that still use the ubiquitous CH751 key. I figured that neither one really matters much. Maybe I'll rekey them one of these days to match all of the storage bays.

A short walk from the RV park was one of the ⅓ scale lighthouses in Lake Havasu City. This picture was more of an experiment than anything else. Dom suggested I try shooting RAW with the iPhone so the picture could be post-processed. Post processing was done using an iOS app called Darkroom. Lots of things to play with and the result is better than it looked like in real life. The sky wasn't that blue and with all of the clouds, it looked kind of flat.

Another view of Lake Havasu. This really is a pretty large lake and the popular activity seems to be boating. I remember that we drove out here from L.A. on a day trip right after the London Bridge was finished. There was very little around here except for real estate offices selling lots. I remember not being very impressed with the place. This was around the winter of 1972 or so. The reconstruction was completed in late 1971 so that sounds about right. When I was growing up, all day road trips like this were not unusual. We had also stopped at the Poston Internment Camp location which is where my dad's family was sent. It was located on a reservation and after the war, the facility was turned over to the tribe. It would be between Quartzsite and Parker along the Colorado River and I think that there is a memorial but no structures still standing like there are at Manzanar.


  1. The pictures look great, as does the replacement door/shower. Jerry took off our outdoor shower fixture in the wet bay and put in hot and cold faucets. We don't have dogs or plan to shower outside, so that made sense. We have used it to wash the coach in a rest area using the tank water, after a particularly dirty and rainy trip.

    I remember an internment camp in WY that we visited...it is saddening what our country did to Japanese Americans in our history.

    1. It would be nice if all of Ti his stuff was in a wet bay, I wasn’t sure what we would use the outdoor shower for but replaced it anyway just because it looked really bad with the taped up door. Easy and cheap part from Amazon. I still have a one more faucet to change.