Thursday, January 31, 2019

Day 23 - Lake Havasu, AZ

Another warm, partial cloudy day here in AZ. It’s in the low 70s (°F) but with the sun out it feels much warmer. Bridget took her kayak out again and it seems to work much better going forward. I forgot my phone so I just relaxed on the park benches. There were quite a few boats out on the lake including a couple of sailboats. Not really enough wind today but maybe there was more on the water.

Tomorrow, we head up the road a bit. Only 28 miles as the crow flies to Needles, CA. Lake Havasu is close enough so we may come back down here on day trips. One challenge with the kayak is the need to clean it thoroughly due to all of the invasive species problems. No dirt allowed on any watercraft. So the kayak is being dried on the picnic table.

Somewhat noteworthy. Today was our first two Instant Pot meal. Ribs were on sale at the local grocery store and the other is making a batch of brown rice. My son had given me the Instant Pot after the first one dropped out of the cabinet and dented. It sort of works but you can hear pressure leak occasionally. Not dangerous just something to be aware of. It made brown rice just fine.


  1. Interesting to see your comment about the kayak and invasive species issues. We had an inflatable kayak but sold it recently. It was a double and wasn't very nimble with the two of us in it, so we didn't use it too often. We figured rather than haul it with us all the time we would just rent them when we felt like kayaking. The bonus is we don't have to clean them! 😉

    1. Bridget was thinking of place that we’ve been to where there were no rentals. She originally had the larger version of the inflatable kayak but after trying it out at Chena Lakes she decided that she wanted the smaller version. Fortunately, Lori wanted an inflatable kayak and she just happened to be out at Chena Lakes....

  2. Well that was fortunate! We sold ours to a friend here in GA. We are just hoping we can rent when we need to!