Sunday, January 13, 2019

Day 5 - Benson, AZ - TT

It was sprinkling this morning but it quit by around 10. We headed into Sierra Vista, a town around 30 minutes south of Benson on hwy 90. Bridget had a few stops to make and this was the closest yarn shop. It is a town of about 45k and so it is much larger than Benson. The indoor shopping mall was pretty small though still larger than anything back home. On our way back to Benson, there was a border patrol check. They had cameras noting the license plate numbers followed by a 15 sec talk with the officer. He basically commented on the weather in AZ compared to AK.

No pictures from this trip as there really wasn’t anything noteable. Or at least, I didn’t find anything. The sunset this evening was blocked by clouds.  I did finish the dual-band radio with a metal bracket from Ace Hardware. This mounts to the detachable head unit and sticks to the magnet on the CD slot phone mount that I picked up from Amazon last Summer. I originally was using it for the Baofeng HT.


  1. Border patrol check? I am confused. So did you travel via Mexico?

    1. Nope. The border patrol check was quite a ways from the border.

  2. SonjaM, there’s several border checkpoints north of the border with Mexico along the highways involved. It’s a different atmosphere to be sure.

  3. I see, thanks for the info. I wasn't aware.