Monday, October 1, 2018

Day 17 - Cottage Grove, OR

Today, while leaving the trailer in Corvallis, we went to Cottage Grove, OR, which is about 70 miles south, to visit with my sister and brother in-law. We walked around town admiring all of the murals and ran across this unique railroad themed park bench right next to another bicycle repair station. We noticed an unusual number of thrift stores in the downtown area.

Here is a great example of a mural. Buster Keaton starred in The General which was filmed in this town in 1926. A train crash, which was part of the movie, was a tourist draw until the steel was salvaged in 1943 to support the war effort. After lunch, we headed back to Corvallis. I had been by Cottage Grove many times but never had a reason to stop. 


  1. You must be traveling at light speed, Richard. I was just gone on a digital detox for a bit and now you're already in Oregon. Hope you have a great time in my favourite US state.

    1. We’ve been in Oregon for almost two weeks. It was a very quick drive down. In a couple of days, we’ll be heading for the coast (and apparently, rain).