Monday, October 29, 2018

Day 45 - Verde Valley, AZ - TT

Another quiet day at the campground. Just a quick trip into Cottonwood for groceries and diesel. $2.999/gal with my Fred Meyer card. Too bad I had partly filled up just after getting off the interstate before arriving at the campground as fuel is more expensive next to the interstate. I rode the e-bike around a bit more today including checking out a small winery right next store to the campground. A nice dirt road. The fat tires make for a comfortable ride on the dirt road though it is a challenge to moderate your speed. The pedal-assist setting gets changed often to get just the right amount of torque.

These two pictures were actually taken yesterday at the Tuzigoot Monument. I just thought that this tree, whatever kind it is, looked kind of interesting as did the houses on the neighboring hill. I'm sure they paid a premium for that view.

There is still at least one maintenance item for the RV. I picked up some rodent-resistant spray foam to seal up the openings in the plastic underbelly of the trailer. These are small openings around plumbing drain pipes that could allow small rodents into the underbelly. I also need to seal similar openings in the floor of the RV. This is in preparation for storing the RV in a couple of weeks when we fly back to Fairbanks. I picked up the spray foam yesterday but I may wait until we are at an RV park with a concrete pad instead of crawling around on gravel. 


  1. I usually keep a piece or two of scrap plywood handy, maybe 12-14" X 30" or so to lay under the pickup when I work on it in the gravel driveway, since the garage is full of motorcycles and stuff! You could probably get by with some cardboard from Freddies or wherever. Just saying!

    1. I have a foam pad that I normally use when working on things but also have used the mat 8'x10' mat that we occasionally use in front of the RV door.