Thursday, October 11, 2018

Day 27 - Cloverdale, CA - TT

A relatively short driving day to the Russian River TT just north of Cloverdale, CA. This place is still more campground than RV Park but closer to RV park than either Sunriver or Florence. The sites are closer together but not slide to slide like some places. We arrived about 12:15 and there weren't that many spaces long enough for us to fit but we did find something that'll work. After lunch, we walked down to the river and it looks like, to me, that the water is kind of low.

We are going to be here for three full days and four nights. We did check out the little store/activity center. There is WiFi at the activity center but none in the campground area. But we get a decent Verizon signal so we'll probably just use that while we are here. I have a WebEx meeting this evening so that may be a test. It's the Arctic Amateur Radio Club board meeting. I volunteered for the board since I have time for these things.

All of the sites are 30 amp + water. No full hookups and the dump station is down for maintenance. That just means that we find full hookups next Monday. We did hit 75°F on the road today. It's getting warmer...


  1. 75F, that's about what we still get in the Black Forest (apart from the low 40F at nights...), enjoy the "heat".

    1. The forecast for today is mid-80s. We’ll see if I survive...

  2. Flourish in the warmth of the son.