Friday, October 12, 2018

Day 28 - Cloverdale, CA - TT

We ventured out to the geothermal power company’s visitors center following the Garmin GPS directions. It was set to non-RV mode. Apparently, the fastest route was down a narrow, winding road with broken pavement. It degraded to washboard dirt after about ten miles and was rarely more than one lane wide. 4WD was used on some of the steep downhill sections to prevent the rear axle hopping on the washboard roads while trying to slow down with engine braking. This allows the front wheels to slow down the truck. Winding between trees and along cliffs, there were some great views of the surrounding farms and vineyards. We got there without incident.

This is a steam turbine blade on display at the visitors center. Back in the day, geothermal power was being demonstrated here but it couldn't compete with coal or oil. It is now producing about 1,500 megawatts. I had looked into a tour but they were all sold out for the year. Next time we are planning to be in the area, I'll look into it earlier.

We then headed to Calistoga as there was an attraction listed as "Old Faithful Geyser". It was, of course, a private tourist attraction that wanted $14 per person to go in. We opted to skip it as it doesn't look that impressive based on photos on the Internet. After lunch in Calistoga at a bar and grill, we went to the petrified forest. Also a tourist attraction. Bridget went in so you will have to check out her blog post for info. BTW, the hamburger was listed as being selected as the best burger in Calistoga. I won't argue with that. Basil aioli, fresh mozzarella, grilled red onions, fried prosciutto...

BTW, we hit 90°F today while headed back to Cloverdale. 


  1. Sounds like an interesting road to a tourist destination 😊

    1. Bridget mentioned that the road was mentioned on ADVrider when she searched. Much better on a motorcycle than a one ton crew cab.