Saturday, October 20, 2018

Day 36 - Yosemite Lakes, CA - TT

Yosemite Lakes RV Park is our fourth location within the Thousand Trail network of campgrounds. It, like the others, is more campground than RV park. There were some back in sites right along the river but we didn’t need the debris from the trees on our roof. Plus, wanted to run a battery equalization cycle and that requires full sun for over three hours. Most, if not all, of the sites appear to have full hookups and at least 30 amp power. The only negative is lack of Internet at any of the campsites. What is different is that they have separate area for TT members and non-members.

They have two satellite connections but whomever set up their network is handing out real IP addresses. As you might guess, that’s a pretty small number of people who can get on the Internet at any one time. The network mask is 248 and if you discard the broadcast address, the network address and the gateway address. You are left with a grand total of 5 addresses available through dhcp. I never noticed this until today as I just used the network for blog posts. The gateway has a real IPv6 address and is sending out router advertisements on WiFi so my devices make up a real, routable IPv6 address using a process called stateless auto-configuration or SLAC. This works great as long as the services and destinations you use have IPv6 connectivity. Google services do. This means that Blogger, Gmail, Google Photo, etc. all work fine. And since my email domain is hosted by Google, it worked fine as well even without a real IPv4 address. Mac OS X and iOS both work with IPv6 just fine unless you disable it. 

We didn’t explore any today since it’s Saturday. I didn’t want to deal with the crowds. Even here at the RV park it’s a lot more crowded starting last night. We head out again tomorrow morning. 


  1. Keep going south? or begin eastward trek?

  2. Weekends are definitely the bane of RV park existence...especially for those of us crowd-averse travelers. 😉

    1. We generally try to be set up somewhere before the weekend hits.