Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Day 25 - Garberville, CA

Today was a long-ish driving day at 249 miles. We left in the fog/drizzle/heavy mist and hit the mid-70s by mid-afternoon. We are at Richardson Grove RV Park which is just south of the Richardson Grove State Park and right across the street from the Grandfather Tree tourist attraction. This area is full of touristy things. We must have passed dozens of chainsaw carving shops, myrtlewood gift shops, and sea lion everything. I guess tourism is big here. Another notable thing is that fuel is over $1 more per gallon than Oregon which was already higher than Washington.

Nothing very fancy with the RV site. But, they gave us the Passport America discount which is 50% off. That makes it a good deal even though I did have to pay for Internet access. BTW, the Internet is from the community network and not provided by the campground. We went into Garberville to get some groceries and look for a restaurant. We struck out on finding a restaurant. Just a couple of coffee places. We ended up getting food from the grocery store deli.

I think that I figured out the SWConnect issue. Within the setup portion of the app, there is an option for "Enable Auto Track Mode". When this is enabled, then tracking continues even when the app is not running in the foreground. In case you are interested, here is the Spotwalla link. The "S" is the Florence, OR, campground. The "19" is Port Orford and "71" is today in Garberville. Quite a difference in daily mileage.

We are staying here a couple of nights so we can go to the Avenue of the Giants tomorrow and maybe a couple of walks. The next TT is Russian River near Cloverdale, CA, and is another hundred or so miles. A relatively short day.


  1. Please take your time in Redwood NP, the Giants are well worth the attention. The trees will make your huge RV look small in comparison ;-)

    1. We are here in Garberville for the day then Cloverdale for four more. The Oak trees in Corvallis made the RV look small. Driving through Richardson Grove with giant sequoias right at the edge of the road made the trailer seem really wide. Especially on right turns. (The trailer wheels track to the inside of the turn relative to the truck wheels)