Monday, October 22, 2018

Day 38 - Bakersfield, CA

The thermometer says that it's only 73°F outside but working in the sun, it felt really hot. I removed the stuff from the cargo carrier to simplify access to the shredded wires. Cut out the shredded part and spliced the wires together again. This time, I zip tied the trailer harness well away from any sort of edge. I also zip tied the four pin trailer connector to the drawbar to prevent any movement. A quick test showed that all of the lights worked fine. I'm still not sure how the bicycle cable and wiring got damaged. I'm hoping that it wasn't someone trying to cut the cable.

Filled up the truck again and fuel is slightly cheaper here at $3.959/gallon. Since we did all of our shopping errands yesterday evening we are left with a quiet, relaxing day but at a location with both decent wifi and a strong Verizon signal. Quite a change from the last four days.

Tomorrow we start to head east and a little bit south towards the Colorado River. I'm thinking of stopping in Needles, CA, for a couple of days at another Passport America campground right along the Colorado River. I looked at several boondocking sites between Barstow and Needles and they all were either far from the highway with recommendations for shorter RVs only or really bad reviews. 


  1. I'm not sure I know your destination...or is this just a winter wander? We've never been in the Needles area, so wouldn't be any help...

    1. We aren’t sure of a destination either. This fall trip was primarily to relocate the RV to a warmer climate.

  2. Ah, good plan. We are thinking we may try AZ or NM next year for winter. I look forward to seeing where you go and how you like it! Great reports so far!