Friday, October 26, 2018

Day 42 - Verde Valley RV Park - TT

Another five-hour travel day from Needles, CA, to Verde Valley RV Park near Cottonwood, AZ. On the way, we went over a 7300-foot pass near Williams, AZ. It was actually a pretty relaxing drive even though we must've been the slowest ones on the road at a sedate 60 mph. This is faster than the 55 mph speed limit that California has for trucks and anything pulling a trailer. As you might guess, it was largely ignored. We had no idea what to expect at this TT park. It turns out to cover a large area. We are near one clubhouse (pictured below) and it's a 1½ mile drive to the pool at the second clubhouse.

The clubhouse itself is pretty nice with decent wifi. The ranger at the gate made a point of letting us know of the upcoming activities such as potlucks. These sites are closer to an RV park rather than a campground. But the roads are mostly gravel as are the pads. And there is a significant slope to most of the sites. Not enough to really bother us.

Here is the mini golf course next to the clubhouse. It looks like it's in pretty good shape as are most of the things. I discovered that our sewer connection works if the flow is limited. Not a big deal as we've had full hookups for a while. We also have full hookups at the next two RV parks. We are here for four nights then move on through Phoenix towards Tucson.

This morning, we made our first long-duration reservation for the 2019 road trip. We liked the Needles Marina Resort well enough to inquire about a month-long reservation for next February. They still had a couple of spaces so we went ahead and made a reservation. That is probably the most crowded month here in the southwest. Snowbirds are already starting to arrive. And this park is pretty full with folks who look like they are here for a while.


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    1. If you are looking for an RV park, then this is a great location. And I must admit that choosing between a "free" TT location and boondocking, I'll choose the TT. Too convenient to pass up.

  2. Interesting numbers in the previous post. I keep similar on bike trips for future planning and evaluation. Mostly its fun with numbers. Enjoying the story and pictures.

    1. With the bike trips, everyday travel seems to be fine or even expected. With the RV, traveling everyday seems to be a chore. I can see why many use the RV as a method of getting to an area that they can then explore more.

  3. Seen this?

    Yeah, we found everyday RV travel a bit much too.