Sunday, September 30, 2018

Day 16 - Corvallis, OR

I installed the rear view camera this morning. When I initially tested it, I used a 12volt jump starter to power the camera and it worked over 100 yards away from the truck. It should work fine on the rear of a fiberglass trailer. The power leads were run into the running light wiring so the camera turns on whenever the tail lights are on.

It was a little more challenging to find a good spot for the 7" monitor on the dashboard. It came with a multitude of mounts and wiring options but we'll try this first. It's in the center of the dash using a suction cup to hold it to the windshield. It doesn't block your view as all you can normally see is the hood. The kit came with several pieces which I didn't end up using such as a magnetic mount antenna for the receiver. 


  1. I really couldn't back up the URRV as easily (not that its that easy some days) without the camera I have....of course, I got it the day AFTER I backed into a pick up truck in a parking lot I mistakenly drove into...

    Remember how we place my monitor on one of the cup holders on top of the engine's doghouse? I ended up having to displace the TPMS monitor to the driver side window frame so that emissions from the camera monitor didn't occasionally interfere with the TPMS sensors.

    1. We’ll see how this location works for the monitor. I figure that I can always connect the external antenna if there is an issue with reception. I have the TPMS monitor mounted to the overhead console. There sure is a lot of RF in the cab...