Saturday, September 15, 2018

Day 1, Beaver Creek, Yukon.

Hello!  We're back on the road!  Today is Saturday, September 15, 2018.  Several friends wanted me to blog again, so here we go.

Last week was beautiful in Fairbanks.

I had plans this morning to go to a crochet class, but it was cancelled because I was the only one who signed up.  So that meant we were able to leave Fairbanks sooner.   For the 2 hours we were finalizing packing Leinen was crying and watching me.  Especially when the Berkey left.  That was always a sign when traveling that they would be going in the truck.  Then out went their dishes and blankets.  Finally, after hugs with Reuben, who is house sitting, we were on our way at 11AM.  Leaving at that time meant no dinner at Fast Eddy's in Tok.  Sad face.

Here we are in Delta Junction.  Beginning of the highway?  or end of the highway?  It's all in your perspective. 

Alaskans may remember the big fires near Tok, Alaska.  You can see burnt trees here

This is a river.  Forget which one.  I wish it was sunny to show you the colors.

This is pretty much my view.  Artie was on my lap at this time, but didn't get in the picture.  I see bugs carcases, the GPS, and the dashboard.  

It was sunny for awhile, so I was able to get this pic.  Any mountains were on the shady side,  I hope to get better pictures in the next few days.  I really love the yellow leaves with the dark green spruce with the burgundy of the undergrowth.  I think those 3 colors together match real well.

I got pictures of both this time!  

We now use Verizon.  One reason was because it is free in Canada.  This is a message I got on my watch shortly after crossing the border.  Welcome to Canada, Enjoy your trip.
I still feel like I'm Dick Tracy's sister........

We drove until 6PM Yukon time, 5PM Alaska time.  Tomorrow we hope to go about 10-12 hours.

I have recently seen a naturopathic doctor to find help with weight control, and find out ideas on how to get rid of eczema.  Skin conditions are frequently caused by gut issues, so I got a food sensitivity test done.  The dairy, no eggs, no bananas, no green beans, no kidney beans for two months.  Highly limit sugar and almonds.  I can have meat, vegetables, bread without eggs.  No sweets or donuts on this trip!  I can have lots of rice.  I can have coffee!!!!!!!!!!   Tonight's dinner was hamburg without the bun and french fries.  Last time I'll eat those for a month.

Are you health conscious?  Do you want to lose weight?  Do you like apps?  My doctor has me using the cronometer.  First of all it tracks my calorie intake.  I can take a picture of a bar code and it will put in the calories and nutrients of the food.  It tracks a whole bunch of stuff besides calories.  What can I eat for breakfast?  I have been having those powdered protein drinks.  I bought a 2 month supply, only to find out they have white egg powder.  The only milk I could mix it with is rice milk, that I'm told tastes like water.  So what we've decided is oatmeal!  For the trip I purchased some of the oatmal boxes that you can put hot water in for breakfast.  Downside, these boxes have some sugar.  When we are with the RV I'll get regular oatmeal for breakfast.


  1. Hello road-folks, 10-12 hour shifts driving don't seem to feel like vacation time, or does it? At least you're making good progress getting south.

    The writing style is so not Richard... ;-) Hello Bridget. Weight issues, health issues... welcome to my world. I can't have diary, gluten, eggs, and I don't like meat. I can have fish though. However, be carful with the oatmeal. It is usually highly processed and not very good for your digestive system. If you can, try staying away from gluten products at all, even when not tested against it. It is often the main cause for many issues including skin problems. I know, not much left to eat a filling breakfast... I usually have gluten free rice puffs or corn flakes with soy or almond milk, and a bowl of fresh fruit. Enjoy your trip. Cheers, Sonja

    1. HI Sonja. I would love it if you read my blog, too. Some people like both perspectives. I am known to post many, many more pictures for one thing. I also have small sensitivity to sugar and almond, that leaves out almond or soy milk. But thanks for the tips! I can have sugar about 3 times a week. I now need to ask the doctor if that means I can have like a piece of pie, or just a tsp of sugar. Why can't you have all those foods you listed?

  2. This is Bridget’s post. It went here by accident.

    1. But you can still talk to me! There is a link to my blog on Richard's page. He calls it Bridget's blog. I call it Artie and Leinen's big adventure.

  3. Lol, same as Sonja...I was thinking "what happened to Richard, this doesn't sound like him at all"...crochet, for example! I enjoyed the many photos, the colors there are similar to what we are seeing now in Colorado. Will definitely check out Bridget's blog again! Safe travels!