Thursday, September 13, 2018

Almost On the Road (Again)

Much of the last several days have been spent sorting through stuff, trying to find things, and making some attempt at identifying what may be needed. While working in the garage, I had the Raspberry Pi DMR hotspot running in the truck tethered to either my cell phone or iPad. Both are on Verizon and share the same "unlimited data". The iPad is not rate limited when tethering as are the phones. The hotspot data requirements are fairly minimal but I should really get some samples.

I installed some reflectors and reflective tape on the hitch mounted cargo carrier since it hangs out quite a ways behind the vehicle. After some thought, I decided to order a light kit for the carrier. This would add tail, brake and turn signals. I may still leave the reflectors and reflective tape installed. I don't plan on having anything on the carrier on our way down the highway or else I would need a license plate bracket and light. The truck license would be blocked by just about anything on the carrier. The trailer license plate is high enough not to be blocked.

I also ordered an anti-rattle hitch stabilizer. Without this, the cargo carrier does move around a bit with some noise. Especially if it is empty or lightly loaded. The folks at Trailer Craft mentioned that some people just jam wooden shims into the receiver between the hitch and the drawbar. This clamp is simple enough and I won't have to fight when pulling out the drawbar. When installed, there is no more movement or rattle. It works great.

It took some time to sort out the tools again. I've been using them all summer on a variety of projects. Unlike last time, I now have them sorted out in three tool bags. Electrical tools, hand tools, and power driver and drill items. The computer gear increased since the DMR radio requires a Windows PC. I thought about running a VM on the Mac but I would then need to purchase a Windows license.

I partially disassembled the bicycle so it fits more easily under the tonneau cover and takes less space, but between the bicycle, the RV cover and the inflatable raft, there isn't a lot of space left. Fortunately, we don't need to bring down a lot of stuff.


  1. Sometimes the trip prep is the fun part....

    1. Sometimes, maybe. I’ve been looking forward to getting on the road again.

  2. Exciting! You sound very organized...that will pay off, I bet. That anti-rattle hitch stabilizer sounds like a great idea. We have seen SO many hitch racks that look like they are going to come off any second...