Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Day 4 - Princeton, BC

Another “no picture” day. These long driving days translates to no stops. We sailed on passed 2k miles today since leaving Fairbanks. And the average fuel mileage so far is 23.5mpg. A bit less than a year and a half ago. A headwind from Delta Junction to Watson Lake probably accounts for the difference. This could translate to too many miles between gas stations as I could go over 800 miles on a tank. But that isn’t what usually happens. Gas stations are a convenient reason to stop. And the Shell station on the south side of Prince George just wasn’t that picturesque. We didn’t quite make it to the border. But driving after dark brings risks. The last two days, deer on the road and the truck needs better headlights. As was the case yesterday, for pictures, maybe check out Bridget’s blog.

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