Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Day 11 - Sunriver, OR - TT

Another beautiful, sunny day in Sunriver. I could get used to this weather. If there is one negative to this campground it is the lack of wifi within the campground. Wifi is available in the public areas. I suspect that's the reason all of the campsites near the pavilion are full. We are near the back since it is quieter and less dusty. During the last five days, I had Ubiquity radio tethered to the iPad and, according to Verizon, we are using about 2 GB of data per day. Even though we are on one of their "Unlimited" plans, tethering is throttled once the iPad reaches 15 GB.

This morning, I messed around with the stuff on the hitch mounted cargo carrier so I could get the bicycle covered with a tarp. Part of the challenge was figuring out how to lock it to the RV while being covered. Like most things, you end up with a compromise. We head out tomorrow morning for Corvallis. Not only to visit but to pick up some stuff we left there last June before heading back to AK. 

With the Thousand Trails (TT) zone pass that we purchased, if we stay at one of their campgrounds for more than four nights, we need to stay out of their network for at least seven days before going to another of their campgrounds. Not very confusing though it does take some planning to make the most of the membership. So, for the next week, we will be in Corvallis, OR, at a non-TT campground. For most of our upcoming TT stays, we are planning on four nights before moving on. Unlike last summers trip or even the trip at the beginning of the summer, we will be staying in some places for longer periods of time. Less driving.


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    1. No, here in Corvallis for a week then heading to the coast and points south. We are picking up some things I left here back in June before we drove back. Such as the generators and gas jugs...