Sunday, September 23, 2018

Days 8, 9 - Sunriver, OR -TT

Saturday was spent relaxing. It was overcast for most of the morning so no real effort working on the trailer. This afternoon, I went into Redmond to “help” Dave set up for a gig. He is the drummer for a small group playing a lot of classic rock mixed with some original pieces. We initially set up on the outside patio of a golf course but shortly before they were scheduled to start, the wind came up blowing everything around.

They quickly re-deployed inside of the dining room and their first song ended up being the sound check since everything had to be ripped out and reconnected. In spite of it all, they sounded great and the Hawaiian themed dinner, including a whole roast pig, came out pretty good. With the exception of one dish. It seems that for the potato mac salad they neglected to cook the potatoes. Raw potatoes in a salad don't taste very good.

On Sunday after church, we went out to lunch at 10 Barrel Brewery. Fantastic food and they had this vending machine inside their corporate space i.e. not on the customer side. It kind of struck us as odd but then again, this is Bend, OR. Maybe this is the norm.

Outside of the restaurant was this bicycle repair stand including common tools for making adjustments and repairing flat tires. I hear that cycling is very popular in this area. But not to the extent of building new bike paths instead of maintaining roads like some other towns in the Pacific Northwest. Mostly on the other side of the mountains.

Today's repair project was fixing a window on the RV. I'm not really sure when it broke but the rivets used to attach the window frame to the opening mechanism had pulled out of the frame allowing the window to flop open and closed. My solution was a couple of mild steel, plated mending plates from Ace Hardware. The plates are attached to the window frame with two stainless 6-32 screws and the rivet was replaced with an 8-32 stainless screw. All with nylock nuts. The window now closes tightly. Something it hasn't done since we picked up the trailer. Gradually knocking these things out one at a time.


  1. Re the beer machine not on public side...can't be having minors getting beer that way right? :)

    The window bracket fix looks quite sturdy.

    1. I'm not sure what the machine was dispensing but there would need to be some control. In Japan, the vending machines that dispensed alcohol and cigarettes had some sort of reader that scanned an id card.

    2. The design of the window is typical RV. The window frame that the rivet was attached to is fairly light gauge aluminum. What would strengthen it is to add some epoxy between the mending plate and the frame before screwing it together.

  2. We definitely have the Bend area on our radar to check out next year, sounds cool! 😀