Saturday, September 29, 2018

Day 15 - Corvallis, OR

It threatened to rain for most of today. We went to the soccer fields in Lebanon, which is about twenty miles east of Corvallis, for my niece’s soccer game. It was a pretty good game with just about all of the parents behaving. One did try bribery yelling out “$40 if you score a goal”. I think it was a joke…

This swampy area is Cheadle Lake located behind the soccer fields. Lots of algae and a few birds. I don’t think I ever spent much time in the area. It’s on the way to Bend from Corvallis.

After the game, we had lunch with my sister and her family at a middle eastern place in Corvallis and spent the afternoon at my mom’s home.


  1. $40? Interesting amount....perhaps all the parent had in their wallet.

    1. It started at $20 then was raised to $40. Apparently their daughter had been asking for something. Headphones or something...